How to Prepare Your Thanksgiving Dinner Without Cooking Up Trouble

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Thanksgiving Cooking tips Famous playwright Oscar Wilde once said that after eating a good dinner we should be so content we could forgive anybody for anything, even our own family members. With Thanksgiving coming up, that's an optimistic message. But the secret, as we all know, is being able to conjure up what is probably the biggest and most complicated meal of the year while all those family members wait around in noisy anticipation! It's not just about being a good cook and a great practitioner of the art of culinary juggling, but also about being able to do so safely in the toughest of circumstances! But Thanksgiving safety begins long before you pop the turkey in the oven, as we'll explain with our Thanksgiving safety tips. There are two main hazards that should be uppermost in your mind as you go about preparing your Thanksgiving dinner: kitchen safety and food safety. Tips for Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety Thanksgiving is the biggest day of the year for fires that involve cooking equipme ...

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Tips and Tricks on Deck Safety

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The Ultimate Deck Safety Guide Your deck is your home’s outdoor activity hub when the weather’s nice – you use it for entertaining, relaxing, cooking and more. The problem? It’s outside, and it’s under constant attack from the elements. And according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 45,000 people per year are injured as a result of a faulty, damaged or old deck. So, is your deck still safe? Today we’re giving you the ultimate deck safety guide complete with safety codes, signs you need to replace your deck, keeping your pets and kids safe, plus an infographic!   Section 1: Safety Codes for Deck Railings, Stairs and More Section 2: 5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Deck Section 3: How to Keep Kids and Pets Safe on Your Deck Section 4: How to Protect Your Deck from Outdoor Living Accessories Section 5: How to Protect Your Deck during Inclement Weather Section 6 : The Ultimate Deck Safety Guide Infographic Safety ...

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Top Tips for Backyard Summer Safety

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Keep your backyard safe with these Summer Safety Tips!  Enjoy your summer with these Outdoor grilling, Pool safety, Yard Tools and Pet safety tips for your backyard. Kirby Insurance your trusted insurance advisors.

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Why Has My Auto Insurance Rate Increased?

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With the increase in auto insurance premiums Kirby Insurance shops around for the best rates for their clients.  We also have some tips to help reduce the cost of your auto insurance.  There are a number of actions you may be able to take to reduce your auto insurance premium -- though there's usually a price to pay if and when you have to make a claim.  Find out the details here!

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Why Distracted Driving is Everyone's Problem

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 Research says that although 84% of drivers recognize the dangers, more than a third of these very same people admit to texting or sending emails from behind the wheel themselves.  Follow these tips and share with your your drivers, to help prevent distracted driving.  

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