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Insuring your Westminster condo should be quick, no-fuss and great value.

If those things matter to you, you need look no further than Kirby Insurance, We've been here, helping to protect home owners and renters in Maryland for more than 85 years.

And because condo insurance needs to dovetail with state by-laws as well as local and home owners association (HOA) rules, you need to rely on an agent with experience and expertise in Westminster condo insurance.

First: A Key Question to Ask

When you're taking out condo insurance, or HO6 insurance as it's sometimes called here in Westminster, there's an important question to ask: What coverage does my condominium association or HOA already have?

That's important because you don’t want to be doubling up on protection that's already in place. After all, you're probably paying for that coverage through your HOA fees.

Don’t have the time to check your association rules and master policy? Bring them in to us for an expert opinion.

Usually they cover the main building structure and common areas like pools and gyms, but not inside your home.

In some cases though, a comprehensive HO-6 policy might protect certain, original internal features. It could be wide-ranging in scope or a basic bare-walls policy.

What Does Westminster Condo Insurance Cover?

A standard condo insurance policy in Westminster usually offers the following protections:

  • Liability coverage for injury or damage to people (and their property) when they visit your Westminster home. This might seem a distant possibility, but if someone trips and falls or your dog nips them while they're visiting, this could lead to a costly lawsuit.
  • Personal property protection -- your stuff, including furniture, clothing, TVs and other appliances against damage caused by fire, vandalism, theft, windstorm and water leakage. Your personal possessions are also covered while you're traveling with them.
  • You can choose between the actual cash value of items at the time they're lost or damaged, or the true cost of replacing them.
    The same level of coverage for the interior physical structure of your home -- the walls, carpets, cabinetry and fittings for example. Outside buildings, such as a garage, are usually included too.
  • Temporary living costs if you're displaced while repairs are done or alternative living arrangements are put in place.

You can supplement this for your Westminster condo with extra protection for:

  • Electronics, jewelry and other high-value items. Kirby's Westminster condo insurance experts will advise you on this.
  • Medical costs for an injured guest, even if you're not to blame for their injury suffered in your condo.
  • Top-up insurance to cover additional costs beyond the HOA's own policy limits.

Why Kirby's Best for Your Westminster Condo Insurance

When you need the best protection for your condo in Westminster at a competitive price, Kirby Insurance should be your first call. Here's why:

We're an independent agent working with all the leading insurers, which enables us to shop around on your behalf for the best deal.

We often can also secure great discounts, and we constantly monitor rates to ensure our clients always get best value.

Furthermore, we're right here in Westminster, to answer your questions.

And we'll work by your side if you need to make a claim on your policy. That can make a big difference to a speedy settlement.

Why You Should Act Now to Insure Your Westminster Condo

Westminster condo insurance costs way less than many people think -- often starting from just a couple hundred dollars a year.

So, it's simply not worth taking the risk of a costly loss or injury, especially when Kirby Insurance is right here in town to arrange speedy coverage at a great price.

In fact, it'll cost you nothing to find out how little you'd need to insure your Westminster condo. Just ask us -- for free and without obligation. We're here for you.

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