Top Value, Easy-to-Secure Maryland Homeowners Insurance

Home InsuranceHow safe is your Westminster home? Here's the quick answer: It's only as safe as the homeowners insurance you have in place to protect it.

You might ask, Why do I need home insurance? Because, of all the things you own, your home and its contents are probably the most valuable. Yet they're also among the most vulnerable to damage and loss.

Fire. Vandalism, Burglary and theft. Windstorm damage. Lawsuits for damage or injury caused to others on your property. Without insurance, they're all threats to your financial security.

But there's something else you might not have thought about.

Homeowners insurance policies are all different, both in what they cover and the amount you'll pay for your protection.

That's where Kirby Insurance Agency comes in. We offer a unique Westminster home insurance program, with competitively priced coverage tailored to your home and personal property, backed by outstanding, personalized customer service.

Home Insurance Explained

What does home insurance cover? Basically, it protects against the risks we outlined above:

  • The structure of your home and any outbuildings, from small repairs (caused by insured risks) to entire rebuilds. We can also protect you against the costs you'd have to pay if you need temporary accommodation while work goes on at your home.
  • The contents of your home including furniture and appliances -- plus home insurance for personal property. Often, policies cover items you take with you while traveling. You may need additional coverage for high-value things like jewelry and collectibles.
  • Home insurance liability coverage. Yes, you can face legal and compensation costs if someone is injured while on your Westminster property or if a neighbor's property is damaged as a result of something at your place.

What Other Coverage Might I Need?

Home InsuranceThe good thing about dealing with the Westminster homeowners insurance experts at Kirby Insurance Agency is that we can help you identify whether you need coverage beyond a standard policy.

This might include raising the limits on particular coverages or providing additional protection for risks like flooding. Are you in an official flood zone? Don't know? We can tell you.

What about the ever-increasing risk of identity theft and credit card fraud? Your homeowners insurance can be customized to include this and many other risks you may not have thought about.

We can also provide special coverage for renters and for owners of condos and second homes.

How Kirby Helps with Your Westminster Home Insurance

You need expertise to get the best and the right homeowners insurance. We have that. We:

  • Calculate the level of protection you'll need. It's based on many factors including rebuilding costs.
  • Search multiple insurance companies to find the right coverage at the best possible price.
  • Secure discounts where available -- for example if you have more than one policy with the same insurer.
  • Provide great personal customer service, both to answer your questions and to help you if you need to make a claim.
  • Keep tabs on changing rates, building code and coverage needs in the insurance marketplace, to ensure you're needs are well-served.

And remember, we're local. We know Westminster, Howard, Carroll and surrounding areas, as a client, we'll get to know you too. And we won’t offer you insurance you don't need -- we have a reputation going back more than 80 years to protect.

No Risk, No Commitment Quote

When it comes to insuring a Westminster, Ellicott City or Abingdon home, we think we're the best.

Now, you can put us to the test without it costing you a cent and without any commitment whatsoever on your part.

Just get in touch, tell us what you want, and we'll give you a fast Maryland homeowners insurance quote.

And if you have any special requirements, we can discuss these with you too --- all without risk or commitment.

Contact Kirby Insurance Agency now at 410-840-2922 or fill out the form on this page and get the answers you need.