Quality, Affordable Homeowners Insurance for Columbia and Ellicott City

Home InsuranceIn a county noted for the quality of its homes -- Howard County -- residents deserve insurance protection that matches that quality, without compromising on value or flexibility.

In Columbia and Ellicott City that means working with a specialist agent who knows the area and understands your needs.

For that expertise, look no further than the specialist homeowners insurance team at Kirby Insurance, one of the longest established and most reputable insurance agents in Maryland.

We provide customized homeowners insurance plans specifically for your neighborhood, together with a wide range of other specialist insurance services, backed by solid, friendly customer support.

What Kind of Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?

Standard homeowners insurance includes three main elements:

  • Insurance for the structure of your home -- related to the cost of rebuilding rather than your home's market value. This covers most perils including fire, windstorm and vandalism.
  • Insurance for the contents of your home, including personal property, up to a fixed limit. This can either be based on current value of these items or on their replacement cost.
  • Liability insurance to protect you against costs arising from injury or damage someone suffers while visiting your home, or for any damage you might cause to a neighboring property -- for instance if a tree in your yard fell on a neighbor's house.

For Columbia and Ellicott City residents we can also arrange additional coverage -- for example to protect high-value items or collections.

Home insuranceAdditionally, we offer "umbrella Insurance:, a low-premium policy that raises the cap on insurance payouts. Umbrella insurance also covers some things not part of a standard policy, such as the cost of making good on a sewer or drain backflow.

And we can cover other additional perils outside the scope of a standard policy, such as floods.

In fact, we can provide insurance to cover almost every risk associated with home ownership. Just speak to us about your needs.

Can I Switch my Homeowners Insurance?

You may already have homeowners insurance here in Howard County that's about to expire, but you're not sure if you're adequately covered. Our experts can quickly review your policy, without charge and let you know.

If you want to cancel your existing homeowners insurance part way through you can probably do this but there may be a cancellation charge. Again, we can tell you.

Either way, you don't need to wait to check out your potential to save money and be better insured via Kirby Insurance.

Why Kirby Insurance?

As an independent agent, we're not tied to any single insurer. Instead, we work with multiple carriers to secure the best deal, often with further discounts for things like having more than one policy with the same company or agreeing to pay a higher deductible (the amount you pay out of your own pocket before the insurance policy kicks in).

We'll also answer any of your questions about homeowners insurance in Elliott City and Columbia, help and support you if you need to make a claim, and keep your insurance policy under regular review to make sure it's right for you and still providing the best value.

Get A No-Risk Homeowners Insurance Quote Now

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