Great Maryland Auto Insurance for Abingdon, Aberdeen and Joppa

Whether you're driving a busy commute on the 95 or 40 or navigating the local highways and byways of Abingdon, Aberdeen and Joppa, you want to be sure your car is properly insured, so you can keep your mind on the road.

There's no better way of getting that peace of mind than securing your protection through an independent agent who knows all there is to know about auto insurance in Maryland -- including where to find the right coverage at the right price.

That would be Kirby Insurance Agency. We've been providing Maryland car insurance for more than 80 years. And we're delighted to be able to offer custom, competitively-priced policies for all types of vehicles and ages of drivers in the communities of Abingdon, Aberdeen and Joppa.

Do I Need Auto Insurance Full Coverage?

You probably know that auto insurance in Maryland is compulsory. But there are a number of options to choose from depending on the value of your car and your budget.

Let's take a quick look at your car insurance options:

  • First, there's the compulsory bit -- liability insurance for bodily injury and damage you cause to other people, vehicles and property. You must have this protection, for you and other drivers of your car, as a minimum.

  • The state of Maryland also requires drivers to have uninsured motorist coverage -- to protect you if you're the victim in an accident caused by someone else who isn't insured.

  • There's also no-fault or PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance, which protects against costs related to injuries no matter who is at fault. However, you can opt not to include this protection in some policies.

  • Collision insurance. This is optional and covers damage to your car in an accident where you're at fault. Whether you take this might depend on the value of your car.

  • Optional comprehensive insurance for protection against damage to your car other than in a collision -- say falling rocks or vandalism. It also protects against fire and theft of the vehicle.

  • Glass insurance. Extra protection specifically related to damage or breakage of your windshield and other windows.

How Can I Get the Best Deal on my Maryland Auto Insurance?

When you come to Kirby Insurance for your auto insurance in Abingdon, Aberdeen and Joppa, you'll be calling on a team of experts who'll identify your needs and shop around for a great price.

Being an independent agent means we're not tied to one particular insurer. And it's a fact that different insurers have different rates for different categories of drivers.

We often also can secure discounts if you have more than one policy, like home insurance or renters insurance with the same insurer, or when you agree to a higher deductible -- the amount you pay out of your own pocket on a claim.

What Else Can Kirby Insurance Do for Me?

First, we can insure almost any type of car, including regular autos, vintage and collectible vehicles.

Second, we have offices in Baltimore and Westminster where you can meet our teams face-to-face. But, for your convenience, we also provide a wealth of insurance resources and can conduct business right here on the web.

We're here not only to provide great protection at a great price but also to answer your questions, help you with claims and keep your policy under review so it's always up to date with both your needs and legal requirements.

What to Do Now

Don’t burn up your valuable time shopping around. Don’t be left wondering if you got the best deal. Don’t worry that you may not have the right insurance protection. Call on Kirby Insurance at our Baltimore office at 410-837-2320 or our Westminster office at 410-840-2922 .

Just contact us now for a fast, free no-obligation quote for your Abingdon car insurance, Aberdeen car insurance or Joppa car insurance.

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