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Did You Hear That? It's Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Written by on 7/19/2019 8:00 AM . It has 0 Comments.

It hasn't received much publicity, so it may surprise you to know that July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month. We’re halfway through without many people noticing. But why do we need to be reminded about being polite and considerate when we use our phones? Because, it seems, we humans have become experts at annoying or endangering others when we use them. Let's just think of a few ways that can happen. We might use them in places we shouldn't, like cinemas or even a doctor's office, forgetting to mute them or turn them off. We might talk too loudly. Some people will quite happily drag us into their conversations by shouting into their phones, inside a restaurant or store, or even in a peaceful  public library. In a survey some years ago, 87% of us said we'd witnessed loudly intrusive phone calls, sometimes using abusive language. Our bet is that percentage is even higher today. Or, they watch movies or play games with volume on high. ...

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